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Sam Altman-McLaren F1


ChatGPT creator Sam Altman spotted in his McLaren F1

The founder of OpenAI and the creator of ChatGPT, Sam Altman, is said to have an impressive car collection. In fact, one of the cars in his garage is a $20 million McLaren F1.

The 38-year-old billionaire was recently spotted in his Mclaren at a gas station in West Marin, California when he was approached by a father and son duo who were curious about the car.

A video posted to X (formerly Twitter) shows Altman stepping out of the car and letting them check out his McLaren.

It is said that Altman owns not one but two McLaren F1s. He also has a Lexus LFA in his garage. Clearly, the guy knows his cars.

Source: @OnRallyRd

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