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Chat GPT to power the voice assistant in Mercedes-Benz cars

Mercedes-Benz has just launched a new trial in the United States. Mercedes-Benz owners will be able to use an enhanced voice assistant in their cars which will be powered by Chat GPT. To this end, the German carmaker has partnered with Microsoft.

Chat GPT in Mercedes-Benz cars

Mercedes says the inclusion of Chat GPT will help car drivers to keep their hands on the steering and eyes on the road.

The built-in voice assistant in the Mercedes-Benz cars will now be able to process additional commands, reply to follow up questions and incorporate existing Hey Mercedes functions. Customers will be able to ask the assistant to answer queries related to navigation. The system will also reply to queries about weather and even answer replies to complex questions like asking for recipes.

The present voice assist functionality comes with a limited number of responses and can’t handle follow up questions.

Chat GPT Beta program in the USA

To this end, Mercedes-Benz has launched a new beta program. Users will be able to join this via their App or ask the car’s voice assistant, “Hey, Mercedes, I want to join the beta program”.
Mercedes has partnered up with Microsoft. The program uses the software giant’s enterprise cloud and AI capabilities. According to Mercedes, the beta is to last for three months. In this timeframe, the user data will be gathered for development of voice control amongst others. The company will also use it to improve voice assistant software, deploy in new languages / regions and more.

The system will first anonymize the user data before sending it to the cloud. The processing then happens at the Intelligent Cloud.

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