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Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Key Fob


Charger Hellcat Key Fob comes with “Panic” Button

It is now a well known fact that any Dodge that says “Hellcat” on the back is a mental. It is a tire burning, chain smoking, gas guzzling, shameless neighborhood asshat. Still, it is what all petrolheads dream of, especially, the Charger Hellcat which is a four-door family saloon with enough horsepower to warp space-time.

Dodge probably knew that the Hellcat shouldn’t fall into inexperienced hands and hence they gave it a special key fob. The Charger Hellcat key fob is ‘red’, perhaps signifying danger. Also, it features a ‘Panic’ button. I wonder what this button does. May be it dials 911?

Source: 1320videos via Facebook

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