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Hellcat vs F16


Challenger SRT Hellcat Races F16 Fighter Jet, Inevitably

Hellcat vs F16

We’ve seen it before and this time, once again. After the Bugatti Veyron raced a Eurofighter Typhoon on Top Gear, Redbull F1 did a similar stunt with an F-18 Hornet fighter jet. Now, whenever a highly powerful car comes around, inevitably there will be a supercar vs fighter jet stunt in the making.

When Road & Track magazine and /Drive got together to film the 707 hp Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat drag race an F-16 fighter jet, things did go as per plan. The weather did not cooperate, despite the venue being so-called “sunny Miami”.

In theory, the Hellcat should have been ahead of the jet initially, but on a rain socked runway the F-16 had the advantage. So, by the time the 707 hp SRT Hellcat reached the end of the runway at 100 mph, the F-16 was already in the air doing 500 mph.

Challenger SRT Hellcat vs F16 Fighting Falcon Jet:

Source: /Drive via Youtube

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