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Dodge Challenger Demon Performance Data Screen


Challenger Demon Teaser: Performance Data, Racing Parts

Update: Dodge Demon showcased at 2017 NY Auto Show- Price, Specs, Details

While we were busy covering the Geneva Motor Show, Dodge dropped a couple of new teaser videos of the Challenger Demon.

The latest Challenger Demon teaser videos reveal an on-board performance data logger that has been integrated into the car’s infotainment system. The system logs a host of parameters including G-forces, speed, time and other stats in real time.

The second video talks about the various racing parts that have gone into the Challenger Demon. It’s a muscle car that’s been honed for the drag strip and comes complete with a racing harness and roll cage. Drivetrain components have been strengthened in order to cope with the immense stresses.

Dodge Challenger Demon Teaser #8:

Dodge Challenger Demon Teaser #9:

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