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1000 USD Lamborghini Rental Car


You Can Rent This Lamborghini Replica For $1000

If you’re looking to rent a Lamborghini for day, you could be looking at a minimum of $2500 for day. So, you might think a Lamborghini replica would be cheap. Well, the company who rents out this Lamborghini Aventador replica charges $1000 for 3 hours.

Gotham Dream Cars who have been in the rental business for quite sometime have an Aventador which costs anywhere between $2550-$5450 to rent. Of course, the rates higher on weekends.

The Lamborghini replica you see here is often rented out for weddings. From a distance, it does look like a genuine Aventador. However, it is based on a Pontiac GTO chassis with Chevrolet V8 engine. The bodywork resembles an Aventador and so does the interior to a certain extent.

Furthermore, it’s a roadster. So, if attention is what you’re seeking then this might be the rental car for you.

Update: This Aventador replica is now for sale. It can be yours for a mere $55,000.

You can rent this Lamborghini replica for $1000:

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