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Supercars pose for the lense


Can you name the supercars?


Supercars pose for the lense

Supercars pose for the lense

A supercar gathering unlike any other. These are some of the finest speed machines that money can buy and if you have enough to spare, you have a few options to choose from. The following image was shot by ace automotive photographer Keno Zache. The picture seems to have been taken at a race track and the cheapest car here costs $130,400.

A few in the group have already gone out of production but still popular with collectors and motoring enthusiasts. These include some Porsches, a turbocharged Ferrari and a naturally aspirated AMG V12 powered Pagani. So, can you name all the supercars in the picture? If you do, please drop your comments below.

Source: Keno Zache via Facebook

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