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Doug deMuro with his Ferrari 360


Can a Ferrari 360 be your daily driver? Jalopnik finds out

Doug deMuro with his Ferrari 360

Doug deMuro with his Ferrari 360

Can you drive a Ferrari 360 everyday to work, Wallmart and to a dinner date? This is a question that has always been on every car enthusiasts mind and who better to answer it than our very friendly Doug, the guy with a Ferrari 360.

Like always Jalopnik writer- Doug deMuro has made a video explaining all the drawbacks of driving a Ferrari 360 everyday. He has been posting about his escapades in the Ferrari since he first took delivery of the car and we love it.

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This time, Doug explains how difficult it is to live with an exotic on a daily basis, especially when it is your daily driver. Be it to work, to the supermarket or for a quick hop around the suburbs, driving a Ferrari is probably not the best idea.

For various reasons that have been graphically explained in the following video, an exotic car like the Ferrari 360 can never replace a Japanese sedan, a Ford or a Volvo. Cars like these are better off being driven on weekends and on special occasions.

Why you can’t drive a Ferrari 360 everyday:

Source: Doug deMuro via Youtube

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