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Build your dream Porsche Carrera GT through GRP Recommission Project

Graham Rahal Performance (GRP) has announced a new customization program for the Carrera GT. Customers can now order their dream Porsche supercar through the GRP Recommission Project.

According to GRP, the Recommission Project allows customers to spec and order a Carrera GT just like they would’ve done 20 years ago when the supercar first came out. It would enable them to customize every element down to the smallest detail. In fact, the personalization options are almost endless compared to what Porsche offered at launch.

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One would argue that similar recommissions can also be done through Porsche. However, GRP claims they can achieve the same level of detail and quality for a quarter of the cost.

Speaking of quality, the images released by Graham Rahal Performance speak for themselves. Here is a Carrera GT that has been custom painted in ‘Amethyst Metallic’ and rides on HRE P104SC wheels finished in ‘Frozen Polished Bronze’. The interior is trimmed in dual-tone black and grey leather.

Porsche Carrera GT Amethyst Metallic Graham Rahal Performance-2

According to GRP, every recommissioned car goes through a complete engine-out service, worn out parts are replaced with fresh spares, and the car gets a fresh set of tires. Every car gets detailed and PPF both inside and out.

Porsche Carrera GT Amethyst Metallic Graham Rahal Performance-1

While Graham Rahal Performance hasn’t revealed the exact cost, it would be safe to assume that the combined cost of the car and the recommission job would be well into the millions.

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