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Bugatti Veyron’s Ignition coils and spark plugs cost US$ 20,000

A Bugatti Veyron owner is definitely not going to bat an eyelid on the maintenance costs of the hypercar. That said, it is always interesting to note than changing common parts like the spark plugs and ignition coils of a Bugatti could take over 40 hours of labour and cost upwards of US$ 20,000.

Reason for new spark plugs and ignition coils

According to a post, a Bugatti Veyron came in with misfiring cylinder numbers 13 and 16. This occurred at wide open throttle at speeds over 140 mph. Hence, this warranted new ignition coil packs and spark plugs for the W16 engine. The replacement coils are priced at US$ 730 each while the spark plugs are US$ 170 each.

Replacement of spark plugs and ignition coils in a Veyron

First up, to change the spark plugs, the mechanic needs to remove multiple body panels. These require a certain amount of delicate operations and careful methodology. Then, apart from the rear bumper, almost all of the rear panels are off. Then, a unique rig is brought in that ensures that a mechanic can lie flat and access the engine. The technician needs to work on the tightly packed engine bay with limited conventional access.

To access the plugs and coil packs, many parts have to be removed first. Even the wiring harness of the engine has to be removed from its brackets. For this over 100 zip ties have to be cut first. While other cylinders are good to go once this is done, for cylinders 6 and 13, there is an added step of removing the charge pipes as well as they get in the way.

All in all, it could take anywhere from 40-50 hours to replace the ignition coils and spark plugs on a Bugatti Veyron. However, this particular mechanic managed to do the job in 35 hours.

Source – @FixItSteven / Instagram

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