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Bugatti Chiron at Taiwan showroom launch


Bugatti Taiwan Showroom Opens for Business. Blue Chiron put on Display

Bugatti Taiwan showroom is now open for business and will be accepting bookings for the exclusive hypercar. An all-blue Bugatti Chiron was shipped in from Japan to mark the occasion.

The new Bugatti Taiwan dealership is located in an upmarket area of Taipei and will be operated by Yun San Motors, the brand’s local partner. The 80 sq.m. facility will allow customers to experience the exclusive brand that is Bugatti. Customers will also be able to place orders as well as spec out their cars.

Dr. Stefan Brungs- member of the board of management of Bugatti Automobiles responsible for sales, marketing and customer service was present for the launch.

“The inauguration of this exclusive showroom here in Taipei and the premiere of the Chiron in Taiwan are the perfect start to successful cooperation between Bugatti and Yun San Motors, he said.

“Our dealership partner has created an outstanding platform for the Chiron and an exclusive brand world where our demanding customers and guests can feel at home. These are outstanding conditions for the launch of the Chiron in Taiwan.“

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