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Bugatti mulls Type 57 revival with front-engined V16 hypercar

Following the global debut of the Bugatti Tourbillon, Molsheim is now evaluating other models that could use the V16 hybrid powertrain. It includes a front-engined hypercar that could be a modern interpretation of the iconic Type 57 SC Atlantic.

Speaking to Autocar, Bugatti Design Director Frank Heyl, said, “Certainly. I mean, look at the Type 57 SC Atlantic: it’s front-engined. So maybe later, but for now we are super-happy that we went this way.”

Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic

Heyl hinted that Bugatti’s Sur Mesure bespoke division could create an entirely separate exclusive model line or a one-off. The Centodieci, Bolide and the one-off La Voiture Noire are some of the recent examples of special projects undertaken by the company.

“We continued to change with the Centodieci, and La Voiture Noire was crazy as a one-off car, and who knows what will come,” Heyl said. “That’s an interesting aspect and it’s a growing market, and it’s especially relative to the kind of breed of customer that Bugatti serves – this aspect of ultimate individuality is very, very important.

“We’d like to develop the brand into a Couture – few-off, one-off, unique – kind of thing,” the design boss added.


Bugatti is building only 250 examples of the Tourbillon. That’s half the number of Chirons. Also, all 250 cars have already been sold out, which has left several millionaires disappointed. The market is certainly there for more uber-expensive hypercars. If only Bugatti would oblige to build more.

Source: Autocar

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