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Bugatti Divo Pebble Beach 4


Bugatti kicks off Teaser Campaign for its 2019 Pebble Beach car – Teaser #3

Well, Bugatti did not announce anything today, as was rumored. However, they did release a third teaser video.

This time, it is the Type 35 – another historic race car.

Here’s teaser no. 2.

The latest teaser clip is about the Type 13 race car that took part in the 1911 Le Mans Grand Prix. On its very first outing, the Type 13 finished second.

So, what is Bugatti trying to tell us about the Pebble Beach car?

Well, it could be a track-focused version of the Chiron. Perhaps a Chiron SS or Chiron Pur-Sang.

July 3, 2019

Bugatti has kicked off the teaser campaign for its 2019 Pebble Beach car with a video. This short clip was uploaded on Bugatti’s Instagram page a few hours ago.

The video shows images from the early days of the brand. The Château Saint-Jean or more commonly known as the Château Bugatti in Molsheim can be seen in one of the frames. It also shows Ettore Bugatti at the wheel of an early model.

While, it’s hard to guess what we are about to witness in August, what we know for sure is that Bugatti will be releasing more teasers in the coming weeks. That said, if anyone can hazard a guess, please feel free to drop a comment below.

Here’s what we know so far through our sources –

Bugatti will be revealing a new model during the Monterey Car Week in August this year. It will be built in extremely limited numbers. Like the Bugatti Divo, it could well be priced around €5 million. However, this is just a speculation.


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