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Bugatti hypercars are inch-perfect, thanks to one guy

Bugatti is known for the highest quality standards and the utmost attention to detail. Building the world’s fastest cars requires extreme precision. To achieve this, it employs a person whose sole job is to make sure that all the measurements are accurate to the tee.

Meet Gregoire Haller-Meyer, who is the Metrologist at Bugatti. He is responsible for all the measurements and analysis of components that go into a Bugatti hypercar.

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“All components must be technically and optically perfect in every respect. But, above all, the overall appearance of a Bugatti must be one of perfect harmony. The exterior and interior of each creation must possess a perfect balance between aesthetics, comfort, and quality. For example, I have to find the reason why the gap between two components deviates from our specified tolerances by just one millimeter. After all, this could possibly lead to undesirable noises at the high speeds reached by our hyper sports cars,” Haller-Meyer explains.

Besides traditional tools, he uses modern 3D scanners and the latest software to analyze the dimensions and tolerances of different components.

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