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Bugatti Chiron Hellbee-3


Bugatti Goes to Extreme Lengths to Fix Airbag Issue on the US Chirons

When you buy a car that can cost as much as $4 million, you expect the company to provide you at least somewhat special after sales service. Well, that’s what you get and more when you own a Bugatti Chiron. Recently, Bugatti recalled two examples of the Chiron from the United States because the company suspected the heat shields on the side airbag assembly may have been installed improperly. Bugatti has said that this could have reduced the performance of the airbag.

Now, here’s how the French hypercar maker plans to fix the problem. But, more interestingly, here’s how Bugatti handles a recall.

Firstly, owners of the affected Chirons will receive a letter from the company. Next, the brand’s ‘flying doctors’ will arrange an appointment to have the vehicles fixed. However, they won’t fix the cars in the US. Instead, the ‘flying doctors’ will remove the seats from the cars, package them in specially designed wooden boxes and send them off to Bugatti’s factory in Molsheim, France. At the factory, Bugatti will inspect them for the suspected fault. If the problem is found, then the entire seat will be sent to the supplier for replacement of the side airbag module. The fixed seats will then be sent to the United States before the ‘flying doctors’ bolt them into place.

While it must be expected, it’s still delightful to watch Bugatti going to rather extreme lengths to ensure customer satisfaction. And of course, the entire process won’t cost a penny to the customers.

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