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Bugatti Divo offered for sale at $6.7 million in France

Are you looking for a Bugatti Divo as an investment? There’s one available in France for $1 million over the base price.

The Divo made its debut at Pebble Beach in 2018. At the time, the hypercar was offered at a base price of $5.7 million. Now, @amcarsfrance has a low-mileage example for sale at an asking price of $6.7 million. It was first delivered new to Germany.

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The Divo is one of the first coach-built models based on the Chiron. It features a more aggressive design with larger vents and a more prominent horseshoe grille up front. The Divo has the characteristic U-shaped LED headlamps that have now been carried over to the Bugatti Mistral.

The rear of the Divo is pretty unique too. It has tail lamps consisting of multiple LED elements, a large diffuser and an active rear spoiler that’s unique to this car.

The Divo is powered by the 8.0-liter, W16 quad-turbocharged engine, which produces 1500 hp and propels the car to a top speed of 236 mph. It recently set a new world record for the fastest 1/4 mile time for a production ICE vehicle.

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