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Bugatti Chiron successor to be a “no compromises” automobile – Design boss

Last month, Bugatti’s former director of design Achim Anscheidt announced his retirement after 19 years at the hypercar brand. His deputy Frank Heyl has now been appointed as the company’s new design boss.

Car Design News sat down with Frank Heyl for a quick one-on-one to discuss about Bugatti’s future design direction.“Bugatti automobiles need to be timeless because they will be enjoyed by automobile connoisseurs for decades and get passed on from generation to generation,” Frank said. When asked about the Chiron successor, Frank revealed that the brand’s new hypercar is an off-the-white-page, no-compromises automobile that will demonstrate the highest level of integration of any Bugatti product ever made.

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“The art of integration plays a vital part in Bugatti design. What sounds like a mundane word actually has a rather complex meaning,” Frank added. He went on to state, “It is about understanding the inner workings of all the key aspects – concept, drivetrain, electric, chassis, body or aero – and to understand the experts in each of those fields to create the next level. To pioneer, to ridicule what was believed possible until today and to come up with a compelling design that weaves all these aspects together, staying true to the brand DNA through every fibre.”

The Bugatti Chiron successor is due to arrive in 2024. The car will be leaner than the Mistral and will use a V8 hybrid powerplant instead of the legendary W16.

Former design chief Achim Anscheidt had revealed that the Chiron successor was ready. He had stated that prototype tooling was delivered earlier this year and that the team was in the process of finalizing the production tooling.

Source: Car Design News

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