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Bugatti Chiron Hellbee-1


Bugatti Chiron ‘Hellbee’ Delivered in the US

The first customer Bugatti Chiron has been delivered in the US. The Chiron ‘Hellbee’ arrived at O’gara Coach in La Jolla, San Diego recently. The owner of the Chiron Hellbee also owns Veyron L’Or Rouge “Hellbug”.

Bugatti Veyron L'Or Rouge-Hellbug

America’s first Chiron is finished in a dual-tone of Bumblebee yellow on exposed carbon with a matching yellow and black leather interior. The wheels are also painted in the same shade of yellow, rounding off the spec. This being the US-spec Chiron, it comes with the awful looking rear bumper extensions.

Bugatti also sends a large aluminium crate along with every Chiron that’s delivered. Inside is an leather wrapped box containing the “speed key” and licence plate mount painted to match the bumper.

First Bugatti Chiron “Hellbee” Delivered in the US:

Image courtesy: Grubbs Photography

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