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Chiron-ANRKY wheels


Bugatti Chiron gets Shiny New ANRKY Wheels Just Hours After Delivery

Wheels Boutique recently took delivery of a Bugatti Chiron and Brooks from Dragtimes was there to film the whole “unboxing”. This Chiron has been beautifully specced with a white front and satin black rear two tone exterior paint, red leather interior, red brake calipers and chrome finished wheels. However, those standard chrome wheels are soon swapped out for ANRKY red ones. As much as we admire the decisions taken while speccing the hypercar, we would’ve preferred the stock wheels, although the red does match with the interior. Also, the new wheels save 16 pounds of unsprung weight.

Now, every Chiron is shipped with a special box. It contains, among other things, a letter from the President of Bugatti and a Speed Box containing two keys – one is a normal key, while the other unlocks the car’s top speed. There is also a USB drive with all the pictures taken during your car’s assembly phase.

We are going to see a lot of this particular Chiron as it will race alongside the McLaren 720S among other cars in Dragtimes’ upcoming videos.

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