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Bugatti Chiron-2


Bugatti Chiron almost sold out; last 40 build slots remaining

The Bugatti Chiron broke cover at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. With production limited to 500 units, the first 300 cars were sold in just 18 months. Now, the Chiron is nearing its end of production, and only 40 units are left to be allocated.

The Chiron has proved to be quite popular right from the get-go. According to Bugatti, YoY sales have doubled in the third quarter of this year and in some markets, even triple. The United States has been the biggest market for the brand.


The Pur Sport and Super Sport are the two final evolutions of the Chiron. Both models are built for a specific purpose. While the Pur Sport is a track-focused hypercar, the latter is meant for outright speed.

Just like its predecessor, the Veyron, the Chiron won a few accolades along the way. It currently holds the record for the fastest production road car. The Super Sport 300+ has clocked over 300 mph and this record is yet to be challenged.

Bugatti Chiron successor:

In 2019, we had reported that the Chiron replacement was expected to arrive in 2025-26. However, there have been massive developments since then. Croatian electric hypercar maker Rimac Automobili now controls a majority stake in Bugatti, while the remaining 45% is held by Porsche. New product plans are likely to be drawn up and we can only wait and watch how the brand evolves going forward.

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