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Bugatti CEO takes delivery of his Rimac Nevera electric hypercar

Mate Rimac, CEO of Bugatti Rimac, has taken delivery of his new daily driver, an 1800 hp Rimac Nevera electric hypercar. Mate took to Instagram to show off his new ride. “Finally, my daily driver is ready,” he said.

The Mate’s Nevera has a dark red exposed carbon fibre exterior with unpainted carbon elements for contrast and the Croatian flag painted on the wing mirrors.

The interior is wrapped in black and red Alcantara with “M8” and “K8” emblems on the headrests, representing the initials of Mate and his wife, Kate. Another unique detail is the face of a woman embroidered on the dashboard. It is said to be the portrait of Solinjanka – a woman from the ancient city of Stolin.

The Rimac Nevera is one of the fastest production cars on the planet. It is powered by four electric motors; one on each axle, having a combined output of 1888 hp and 1741 lb-ft of torque. The car uses a 120 kWh battery pack, giving it a range of 300 miles.

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