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Bugatti Bolide-carbon monocoque-chassis-1


Bugatti Bolide’s carbon monocoque is pure automotive art!

The Bugatti Bolide is the most extreme hypercar the brand has ever produced. It is based on a bespoke carbon fibre monocoque, and rarely would anyone get to appreciate the work that’s gone into its creation. 

Bugatti Bolide-carbon monocoque-chassis-2

Bugatti has now released a set of images that show the Bolide’s monocoque chassis in all its glory. With all the body panels off, the Bolide looks like a Le Mans prototype race car. In fact, the chassis has been developed to comply with LMh and LMDh regulations and meets all safety norms laid down by the FIA.

Bugatti Bolide-carbon monocoque-chassis-4

Bugatti’s legendary 8.0-liter W16 quad-turbocharged engine sits within the bowels of the carbon shell. It generates 1577 hp and 1180 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to a dry weight of just 1450 kg, this car has an insane power-to-weight ratio.

Bugatti Bolide-carbon monocoque-chassis-3

Only 40 examples of the Bugatti Bolide will be produced, each with a price tag of $4 million. The first deliveries of the Bolide are scheduled for 2024.

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