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Bruce Wayne will Drive the Mercedes-AMG Vision GT in Justice League

Mercedes-AMG Vision Gran Turismo, originally released for the Gran Turismo game will now be a part of Bruce Wayne’s garage in the upcoming Justice League movie. When he is not dressed as a Bat, chasing criminals in the Batmobile, the billionaire is usually seen driving a Lamborghini. But now, AMG’s outrageous concept hypercar will ferry Batman on his daily duties.

Mercedes-AMG announced the partnership with DC with a new video showcasing various Mercedes models featured in the movie. Alongside the Vision GT, the cars include an E-Class cabriolet driven by Diana Prince (or Wonder woman) and also a G-Class 4×4. Mercedes Designers had to increase the size of the original Vision GT car by 10% for the car to be able to accommodate Ben Affleck’s 6’4 frame. Also, the interior is completely different than the original concept car, featuring virtual dashboard and redesigned switch gear for the interior to look even more futuristic.

Marvel already has a longtime partnership with Audi starting with the first Iron Man movie in 2008 (in which tony stark drives the first gen R8) to the latest Spiderman: Homecoming, featuring a TT cabriolet. We don’t know how far the Mercedes-DC contract will extend but we will probably see Mercedes-Benz cars in many more upcoming DC movies.

Speaking at the announcement, Chief Design Officer of Daimler, Gordon Wagener said – “As a designer you have to create fantasy, so we often get inspired by the film industry. I am excited that this time, the film industry was inspired by us and our Mercedes-AMG Vision Gran Turismo became the car for a super hero”, said Wagener. “Extreme proportions, sensual contours and intelligently implemented high tech blend to form a breathtaking body and the perfect car for Bruce Wayne.”

Justice League will be released on November 17, with the final trailer dropping this weekend. Mercedes released a TV commercial along with a ‘Making of’ featurette to announce the new collaboration with DC. Below are the two videos.

Mercedes-Benz in Justice League videos:

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