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Bristol Fighter


Bristol Fighter: You’ve probably never heard of it

Bristol Fighter

This week Alex Goy takes a look at one of Britain’s most exclusive sports cars. Hand built in Britain by a company that used to make air planes during the WWII. Much like BMW, however when it comes to old British sports cars- adjectives for quality, fit and finish, reliability don’t go along well with brand. That said, what makes it interesting is that the Bristol Fighter was powered by an 8.0-liter V10 from Dodge Viper.

Bristol started building cars just after the war. The owner of the company was very picky about who would get to own a Bristol. Obviously, just a few were sold. Out of the total number of Fighters produced just about 9 are still in existence.

 Step inside the Bristol Fighter today and the cabin looks and feels like it’s from the early 90s. That’s because, this car was conceived two decades ago. The highlight of the car however was the engine and Bristol was kind enough to offer a 1000 hp version as well.

Bristol Fighter: The Coolest Car You’ve Never Heard Of

Source: XCARFilms via Youtube

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