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Bugatti Chiron top speed autobahn


Braveheart takes a Bugatti Chiron to 257 MPH on a Public Road

We’ve seen the Bugatti Chiron destroy top speed records at the Ehra Lessien test track under controlled conditions. However, we never thought we would see a customer take his Bugatti to insane speeds on a public road. That’s exactly what real estate tycoon Radim Passer did with his Chiron last month.

Radim took his Chiron to Wittenberg, Germany. The spot was chosen specifically for its arrow-straight stretch of a derestricted Autobahn. But, prior to the top speed run, the car was shipped to Molsheim for a quick safety check.

Having received the thumbs-up from Bugatti, the team set out to enter the record books. At around 5 am, Radim got himself strapped in and engaged the ‘top speed mode’. It’s no surprise that the Chiron reached speeds in excess of 250 mph effortlessly.

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