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BMW race car crash VLN Final Nurburgring


BMW Race Car Crashes & goes Airborne at the Nurburgring

A BMW race car suffered a massive shunt during the VLN Final at the Nurburgring recently. This video captures the horror that the driver had to go through.

22-year old Nick Wüstenhagen was at the wheel of his BMW M240i race car when it crashed heavily going into Adenauer Forst. Reports suggest that the car suffered some sort of mechanical issue at the heavy compression at Fuchsröhre. You can see the car spearing off into the right side barrier with its front brakes locked up. It then hits the barriers on the opposite side of the racetrack. The car is launched in the air and lands on its roof following the impact.

Luckily, Wüstenhagen walked off without any injuries – a testament to the modern crash protection systems in race cars. After the crash, he said that he heard a loud metallic sound at the compression. While the reason behind such a horrendous shunt is still being investigated, it is believed that the car might have suffered suspension or brake failure.

But, that was not the end of it. Following the accident, the race officials put out a double-yellow at that section of racetrack. A Renault Clio arrived at the scene and the driver promptly reduced the speed. However, a fast approaching BMW 325i failed to judge the speed of the Clio and clipped its rear, causing it to roll over.

Another on-track incident that was making headlines in the past few weeks was the crash between a Porsche 911 GT2 RS and Pagani Huayra BC. Watch that video here.

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