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M4 vs M5


BMW M4 vs BMW M5 Track Battle

M4 vs M5

Spice up your weekend with some sideways action featuring the “world’s most powerful letter- M”. Guys at EVO decided to take the new BMW M4 coupe and 30 Jahre Edition M5 to a race track to see which one’s quickest. Now, these being latest and best M cars, it did involve substantial tire torture and some great petrolhead music.

The Bedford autodrome track has few twisty, fast-entry-low-speed sections that test the brakes and stability of the cars through the corners. Then, there’s the long straight where the BMW M5 with its 600 hp twin-turbo V8 clearly has the advantage. Meanwhile, the less powerful BMW M4 is more agile through the twisty section and isn’t that slow over the straightaways.

In the end, it is almost a dead heat between two very unique cars. The BMW M5 is a hefty 2 tonne super saloon that despite its weight, copes with the punishment a race track has to offer. The M4, though more tail happy is rewarding to drive, sets a faster lap time. It is also the more fun to drive.

BMW M4 vs BMW M5 Track Battle:

Source: EVO via Youtube

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