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BMW M2 Crash-Scotland


BMW M2 Crashes in Scotland while Leaving Car Meet

Two people were seriously injured when their BMW M2 crashed while leaving car meet in Scotland. The M2 crashed near Midmar in Aberdeenshire on the B9119.

A 22 year-old male who was at the wheel of the M2 and a female passenger had to be cut free from the mangled remains of the car.

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The police are investigating the incident and are have appealed for eye-witnesses to come forward.

“We are particularly looking to speak to the occupants of a silver-coloured motor vehicle which was passing in the moments prior to the collision,” said Sgt. Rob Warnock.

“The area was particularly busy with persons attending the nearby supercar event and I would ask anyone who has video connected to the incident to also contact Police Scotland.”

Watch how the driver drives recklessly past bystanders flat out in the video attached below. The clip was shared on Facebook by Bradley Allan who did not film it but this is exactly the kind of evidence the police are looking for.


Source: BBC

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