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BMW M2 Convertible Imagined but Definitely not Happening

Here’s what the BMW M2 Convertible might look like. But, before you get excited, let me warn you that an M2 convertible will never see the light of day. came up with this true-to-life rendering of the BMW M2 Convertible. Handling and performance of the M2 coupled with open-top motoring experience sounds like an exciting recipe. Sadly, BMW’s chief engineer for the M2 Frank Isenberg has totally denied any plans of building one.

BMW M2 Convertible rendering-2

While speaking to Car Advice he said, “there will not be an M2 Convertible. We need to keep it as purist as we did with the 1 Series M Coupe. We’ve got such a nice M235i Convertible. And convertibles are not for racetracks, they’re for cruising. You can take that car on a racetrack as well, but you wouldn’t choose it for a track day. That’s the reason why we said no [to an M2 Convertible].”

BMW M2 Convertible rendering-3

The BMW 2-Series which is now available as the M240i is not a slow car by any means. It packs a 3.0-liter turbocharged 6-cylinder engine which makes 335 hp. The full-blown M2 on the other hand uses a similar engine with 365 hp and an M-trick suspension which sets it apart from the rest.

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