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BMW iRing Hypercar Rendering by Peisert Design-1


This is how a Futuristic BMW Hypercar Might Look Like

A BMW hypercar could be a reality in the near future. Like the BMW i8, it would most certainly be a hybrid. Peisert Design came up with this futuristic rendering of what he calls the BMW M-Power iRing Hypercar.

It’s quite obvious that the rendering is based on the Aston Martin Valkyrie. But, the designer has neatly incorporated styling cues from the latest BMW hybrid models. The kidney grille with blue surrounds is typical of BMWi.

BMW iRing Hypercar Rendering by Peisert Design-2

This being a high-performance model, it features massive M-wheels and M-stripes to add some spice. The rear end sports quad exhaust tips with slim LED lights. Like the i8, this BMW hypercar has its engine in the middle. Hopefully, it’s not the 3-cylinder unit like the i8, but a much larger capacity engine.

The hypercar segment has exploded in recent times. BMW’s arch rival Mercedes-Benz is also coming up with their own hypercar- the Mercedes-AMG Project One. It would be safe to assume that BMW too could be working on their own future hypercar project.

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