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BMW April Fool's Day


BMW pulls off “reverse” April Fool’s Day Prank

BMW April Fool's Day

This April Fool’s Day, BMW decided to pull off what could be the best “reverse prank”. Usually, car makers show off some preposterous concept on April 1st. This time, BMW thought of doing it differently.

The company put out an advert in a local newspaper in New Zealand, calling out to people to visit a particular BMW dealership and ask for a person named Tom. The first person to do so would get a BMW in exchange for his/her car.

After reading the advert, two ladies walked into the dealership asking for the said person. Being April Fool’s Day, not many would’ve taken the advert seriously. However, these lucky ladies who drove there in a Nissan went home happily in a BMW 1 Series. How cool is that!

What a nice gesture by BMW New Zealand.

BMW’s April Fool’s Day “reverse” prank:

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