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Trucks of Texas


Biggest and Baddest Trucks of Texas

Trucks of Texas

Texas- the lone star state is home to one of America’s greatest automotive icons- the pickup truck. In fact, Texas is sometimes referred to as the “land of the pickup truck”. Now, their utility aside, the humble pickup truck is also something people in Texas like to show off with. That’s where the guys at Extreme Offroad & Performance come in.

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XCARFilms paid a visit to their shop to see first hand, how the utilitarian pickup truck is turned into a off-road capable, high performance vehicle that would tower every other car on the road. Custom wheels, off-road tires, modified pneumatic suspension capable of up to 16 inch of lift, twin-turbo conversion of the standard diesel engines that are on offer and lots of custom paintwork and interior. It is all done here, in Texas.

XCARFilms: Big Bad Texan Trucks

Source: XCARFilms via Youtube

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