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Silverstone-Formula 1 circuit


Big Change to Silverstone Circuit for 2017 Formula 1 British GP

The FIA made major regulation changes for the 2017 Formula 1 season with an aim to improve the quality of racing. As a result the cars have more downforce, grip and are considerably quicker than the 2016 F1 cars. Now, the organizers of the British GP have taken a bold decision further improve the F1 experience.

Silverstone circuit in the heart of England has been the home of the British GP for years. Traditionally, cars have lapped around the 3.66 mile track in clockwise direction. In 2017, Formula 1 cars will run in anti-clockwise direction instead.

With more left hand corners, instead of the usual right handed bends, F1 teams are coming up with new aero packages for their cars. As Rob Smedley of Williams Racing explains- their car will run an asymmetric aero package for Silvertone.

Furthermore, the new layout will pose a new challenge to drivers. They will have to cope with high levels of g-forces in the opposite direction of what they normally used to while driving around Silverstone.

Anti-clockwise Silverstone layout for 2017 Formula 1 British GP:

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