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Bentley Continental V8 S


Bentley Continental V8 S: A ‘Sports’ Bentley

Bentley Continental V8 S

The Bentley Continental is a two tonne GT with hefty engine in the front and all-wheel drive. The company now makes a V8 version with some added sportiness. Alex Goy tries to find out whether the Bentley Continental V8 S is sporty enough to be called a supercar.

The twin-turbocharged V8 engine produces 520 hp and more torque than the standard V8 model. Also, apart from the strikingly yellow paint job, the V8 S gets a rear diffuser, splitter and a lowered ride height for extra sportiness. The springs have been stiffened so that the behemoth can be kept under control around corners.

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That said, interior quality has been the forte of Bentley for years and the V8 S is no exception. With its loud V8 and a ballistic 0-60 mph performance, the Continental V8 S is still a pretty comfy cruiser.

Bentley Continental V8 S road test:

Source; XCARFilms via Youtube

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