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Bentley Pebble Beach Olive Tan Leather


Bentley Continental GT facelift to debut at Pebble Beach?

Bentley has announced its plans to unveil a new model at The Quail on August 18, 2023. Could it be the Continental GT facelift?

Bentley will be introducing the first fully organic Olive Tan Leather option for customers, as part of its Beyond 100 journey to become the leader in sustainable luxury mobility. The carmaker has also revealed that the new leather theme will debut on a “new Bentley model”.

Bentley Pebble Beach Olive Tan Leather-1

According to Bentley, the sustainable leather tanning process uses an organic by-product of the olive oil industry. Derived from waste water extracted during the olive pressing procedure, the tanning agent remains free of harmful metals, minerals and aldehydes. The technique requires less water than a conventional tanning process and also offers a higher concentration of renewable chemicals.

The press release doesn’t delve into the details of the new model. We suspect that Bentley might launch the Olive Tan leather theme on the updated Continental GT.

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