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Chris Evans reveals new Top Gear team on Breakfast show

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Is BBC Thinking of Cancelling Top Gear?

Chris Evans reveals new Top Gear team on Breakfast show

New Top Gear in its revised format has been struggling to gain traction with devoted fans of the “world’s most popular motoring show”.

Latest reports suggest, punters have revised the odds of BBC pulling the plug on Top Gear for good. With dwindling audience numbers every passing week, things are looking grim for Top Gear.

Now, Betway is quoting lowered odds of 5/4 for BBC cancelling the show. Furthermore, co-host Matt LeBlanc’s involvement could also be in the balance with odds placed at 2/1.

Top Gear’s rating has hit a 10-year low.

Since the exit of Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear viewership has dropped significantly. Last week itself, Top Gear lost half a million viewers.

There could be a glimmer of hope though for fans of the franchise. Co-presenters Rory Reid and Chris Harris’ appearance on the main show was welcomed by the fans. The duo received deserved praise on various social media platforms.

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That’s why BBC has made some changes in the format which now means, hencefort Rory and Chris will be part of the main show.

Source: The Week

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