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Bare Carbon Fiber Ferrari Enzo For Sale-6


Bare Carbon Fiber-bodied Ferrari Enzo For Sale

Bare Carbon Fiber Ferrari Enzo For Sale-6

A Ferrari Enzo just popped up for sale and it is rather special. It’s the world’s first bare carbon fiber-bodied Enzo and it’s currently listed on Exotic Motors Midwest, Missouri.

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Built by the Italian firm Carrozzeria Zanasi, this Ferrari Enzo came out of the factory with bright red bodywork. It is now the only full carbon fiber-bodied Enzo in the world. It even has carbon fiber wheels and a contrast red Alcantara interior.

The rare supercar is currently at a Ferrari specialist in Europe and would soon be shipped to Missouri. Only 400 units of the Enzo were built and this one has just over 3000 miles on it.

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How much does it cost?

That said, a normal Enzo would cost anywhere between $2-3 million depending on the mileage, color and various other factors. This bare carbon fiber-bodied Enzo after all the extensive modifications costs $3.5 million.

Bare Carbon Fiber Ferrari Enzo For Sale-14

Ferrari Enzo- the predecessor to the LaFerrari has one of the best naturally aspirated V12 engines ever fitted to an automobile. The 6.0-liter unit revs to 9000 rpm to produce 660 hp. The noise it produces makes you feel like you’re in an F1 car. It’s one hell of a machine!

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Source: Exotic Motors Midwest

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