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Ferrari F12tdf driven at Fiorano


Autocar tries out Ferrari F12tdf at Fiorano

Ferrari F12tdf driven at Fiorano

The Ferrari F12tdf is the latest beast to come out of Maranello. Based on the F12 Berlinetta, the F12tdf or F12 (Tour de France) is the spiritual successor of the 599 GTO packed with even more performance. Autocar went to Italy to find out how a 790 hp Ferrari feels like.

Autocar had a quick spin in the new Ferrari F12tdf at Fiorano recently. According to them, it is a not a car you can mess with. The F12tdf is a very different machine compared to the standard F12 with stiffer springs, rear-wheel steering and something called- Virtual Short Wheelbase system.

With 790 hp, the naturally aspirated V12 engine in the F12tdf delivers almost electric performance and one needs to careful with the throttle every single time. Yes, the rear-end will get overexcited with every throttle application. Checkout the video of Autocar’s short drive in the Ferrari F12tdf below.

Autocar drives Ferrari F12tdf at Fiorano:

Source: Autocar via Youtube

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