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Ferrari 458 Speciale


Autocar reviews the Ferrari 458 Speciale

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Autocar got behind the wheel of a Ferrari 458 Speciale, again. This time on a racetrack, they try to find more about the 600 hp, yellow Ferrari and end up telling the same story. I mean, yes the Ferrari 458 Speciale is truly special. In fact, it’s in its name. So, if you are planning to watch the following video don’t expect anything new.

A man driving about a super quick and expensive Ferrari on a racetrack reporting about how much power the naturally aspirated V8 puts out, the dual-clutch gearbox, the quick and precise steering, the stiff chassis and the bare bone interior, it’s all there.

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After you’ve finished watching the yellow car, jump to the second video involving a red Ferrari 458 Speciale with Steve Sutcliffe at the wheel. This was shot in the hills around the Ferrari factory in Maranello with some high speed action on Fiorano- Ferrari’s own private test track.

Ferrari 458 Special on the racetrack:

Source: Autocar via Youtube

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