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Honda-Acura NSX Type R-2


Autocar Renders new Honda NSX Type R

Honda-Acura NSX Type R-2

The new NSX platform will spawn a family sports cars including the much anticipated Acura/Honda NSX Type R. This digital rendering by Autocar gives us a good idea of what the high-performance model might look like.

According to NSX project boss Ted Klaus, various versions of the NSX are being considered. The company is currently looking into a non-hybrid, convertible, all-electric and a stripped down version of the NSX.

Honda-Acura NSX Type R-1

That lightweight model would probably be the Type R. Furthermore, a convertible NSX sounds like an exciting proposition and so does a non-hybrid NSX powered by a V6 twin-turbo engine.

That said, the NSX Type R will sport a more aggressive look to match its performance. The rendering here reveals a low slung NSX with an extended front splitter, side skirts and diffuser package.

As you know,  Acura/ Honda NSX uses a twint-turbo V6 engine coupled with three electric motors completing the hybrid powertrain. The combined output of the system is 573 hp and generates 406 lb-ft of torque. That’s mated to a 9-speed twin-clutch automatic transmission.

Acura/ Honda NSX Type R rendering:

Source: Autocar

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