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Audi R8 last lap teaser


Audi R8 to get a special send off on September 12?

Audi has released a teaser featuring several images of the R8 on its Instagram. The company has “something special planned” for this iconic supercar. But what could it be?

The caption might provide a hint. It reads, “It’s the R8’s Last Lap. To celebrate its storied history, we have something special planned. Keep your eye on our posts.”

The car featured in the teaser is the R8 V10 Performance RWD, which recently took a final lap of the Laguna Seca circuit in the USA.

Perhaps we will see the Aud R8 take one last hot lap of the Nurburgring. A new lap record would certainly be a cherry on the cake.

The final edition of the R8 debuted in the form of the R8 GT back in October last year. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that Audi would showcase another special edition model.

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