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Audi R8 RWS


Audi R8 RWS launched in the US market. Priced at $139,950

Say hello to the Audi R8 RWS – the most affordable variant of the R8 in the USA.

Audi has finally set the R8 RWS on sale in the US market. Introduced as the most affordable model in the R8’s lineup, the R8 RWS was first previewed by Audi at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. The new variant of the supercar has been priced at $139,950 – a total of $26,200 lesser than the current generation’s range starting variant of the R8.


$139,950 isn’t a small figure to call the R8 RWS a ‘cheap’ car, so what does the R8 RWS misses out in comparison to the regular R8. The biggest change done to the car is ditching out Audi’s famous Quattro all-wheel drive system for a more old-school rear wheel drive system. The whole process is somewhat similar to what Lamborghini did to R8’s soul sister Huracan a couple of years ago, by launching a rear wheel drive variant below the full-fledged all wheel drive one.

However, this whole “cost-cutting process” hasn’t cost the R8 much, as the R8 RWS touches the 60 mph mark from standstill in just 3.7 seconds – that’s only 0.2 seconds slower when compared to the regular R8 V10. But purists know that this compromise of 0.2 seconds is nowhere close to the joy of sliding a rear wheel drive supercar around corners, which is much more than that from an all-wheel drive supercar.

Audi has stated that the R8 RWS will not be a standard variant, and is a limited edition version, with only 320 units produced for the United States market. The official deliveries of this new variant are yet to start, but Audi has said that they will be starting the process of deliveries later this year.

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