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Audi A3 Clusbsport Quattro Concept


Audi A3 Clubsport Quattro for Worthersee Show

Audi A3 Clusbsport Quattro Concept

Audi A3 Clusbsport Quattro Concept

The annual motoring fest at Worthersee in Austria will be held later this month. Each year, Audi along with Volkswagen showcase some spectacular custom cars at the event. It is one of the most important annual PR events for the VW Group and hence the company makes sure the fans aren’t disappointed. This year, Audi will unveil the A3 Clubsport Quattro concept at Worthersee. Based on the A3 sedan, this new concept car packs some insane horsepower. With a total output of 518 horsepower and all-wheel drive, this new Audi would certainly be more than a handful. The car comes equipped with a 7-speed S-tronic dual-clutch automatic gearbox with launch control.

Audi A3 Clusbsport Quattro Concept

Audi A3 Clusbsport Quattro Concept

It will also form the basis for future performance cars of the brand. These include the RS3 slated for 2015 and hardcore versions of the TT. The engine in the A3 Clubsport Quattro is 2.5-liter turbocharged petrol unit. Power comes courtesy of a larger turbo that runs at a slightly higher boost pressure, air-to-air intercooler and larger intakes and exhausts. The lightweight construction of the concept allows it to match the power-to-weight ratio of the more expensive Audi R8 V10 Plus. Thanks to over 500 bhp, the A3 Clubsport accelerates from 0-62 mph in just 3.6 sec and has top speed of 193 mph. Carbon-ceramic discs provide adequate stopping power and the car rides on styling 21-inch alloy wheels.

Source: Autocar

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