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Aston Martin Valkyrie-track mode-front view

Aston Martin

Aston Martin Valkyrie has an Insanely Large Diffuser and basic Interior

Update: Aston Martin Valkyrie officially revealed

The production version of the Aston Martin Valkyrie was revealed at a private event in Monaco recently. The Valkyrie has been seen in its final production-spec for the first ever since it was revealed in 2016.

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Designed by one of Formula 1’s greatest aerodynamicist- Adrian Newey of Red Bull Racing, the concept looked simply breathtaking. His aim was to create a grand prix car for the road and it shows in the sculpted design.

Aston Martin Valkyrie-rear diffuser

One of the key elements of the aero package on the Valkyrie is the diffuser. It’s enormous and probably the largest diffuser ever fitted to a road-going production car.

Like a Formula 1 car, the Aston Martin Valkyrie is based around a carbon fiber monocoque. The looks tiny and would barely fit two grown adults. Also, getting in and out of the vehicle seems quite a challenge with all that carbon bodywork around.

Aston Martin Valkyrie-interior-cockpit

But, once inside, the tiny cockpit and the low seating position would feel like you’re driving a Le Mans prototype or an F1 car from the future- and a V12 powered Formula 1 car at that.

That said, just look at the barebones cockpit. Whatever little buttons there are for various systems are all on the steering wheel. There isn’t even an instrument cluster. Instead, it has a screen on the steering wheel. Oh, and the other screen isn’t there for in-car entertainment.


Image courtesy: @bogdancapusan

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