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Aston Martin

Aston Martin Trademarks ‘Valen’ name for Future Model

We might soon see a new Aston Martin with the Valen badge. Auto Guide uncovered a recent trademark filing by the British automaker for the name Valen to be potentially used on a future vehicle. The filing was revealed in a recent document published by the United Kingdom’s intellectual property office. The automaker filed to reserve this name in October of 2018 with the Lebanese trademark office. Could the name be used on the Project 003 hypercar?

Reports emerging from this year’s Geneva Motor Show suggest that Aston has locked down the Valhalla badge for the baby Valkyrie. But, Aston Martin hasn’t confirmed anything yet and could well be split between naming its hybrid hypercar either Valhalla or Valen. If the Valhalla name was confirmed, Aston would have likely brought the car to its Geneva stand by its final name just like the Vanquish.

What’s more likely though is the brand is simply trying to grab every unique name starting with a ‘V’ to name its future models. This practice isn’t uncommon with automakers with many trying to preserve unique names for safe measure. While many Aston models in history have been named with a ‘V’ word, the brand has recently been on a spree to name all its latest cars with it. The spree started with the Valkyrie and continued on with the return of the Vanquish badge and more recently it christened its highly anticipate SUV, Varekai. We are made to believe that Aston will continue with the nomenclature for all its future models.

The world Valen means strong in Latin. If the name is indeed used on a future Aston Martin, what kind of car would you like it to be used on?

Source: Auto Guide

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