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Aston Martin teases the “ultimate” GT; calls it the DBS 770 Ultimate

As if 700+ hp was not enough for cruising across continents in style, Aston Martin now plans to introduce a more potent version of its flagship grand tourer. It is called the Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate.

At present, the DBS Superleggera is the most powerful GTs in Aston Martin’s line-up. A heavily tuned 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12 will take the DBS 770 a notch higher in terms of performance. As the name suggests, the engine is likely to produce around 770 hp. However, it might still fall short of the mighty Ferrari 812 Superfast and its naturally aspirated V12.

The DBS 770 Ultimate is also expected to get a few cosmetic upgrades. The teaser shows aero strakes similar to the 812 Competizione. The Superleggera, in its present form, looks quite aggressive. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what Aston’s ultimate GT looks like.

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