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Aston Martin

Aston Martin-Red Bull Racing to build more Supercars together

As if the mind-blowing Valkyrie wasn’t enough, Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing say they will build more cars together. Today the two companies announced that they are extending their ‘Innovation Partnership’ and planning to develop more ‘incredible products”. Aston Martin has also been confirmed as the title sponsor for the Formula One team.

We already know of a mid-engine supercar to rival the likes of Ferrari 488 and Mclaren 720S is being planned. The supercar will reportedly come with a V12 engine and probably some sort of hybridization. There isn’t much information on the timeline but the car will probably be revealed after the next-gen Vanquish is launched in 2018.

We can only speculate on what the other ‘incredible products” will be but a successor to the One-77 seems likely. Also, Red Bull boss first started with the plan of an electric hypercar before collaborating with Aston Martin to build the Valkyrie. So, don’t be surprised if an Aston Martin joins the electric hypercar wars starting next decade. Not just road cars, but the two brands will likely work on racing cars given Aston Martin’s involvement in the motorsports.

Aston Martin also plans to open an Advanced Performance Center at Red Bull Racing’s Milton Keynes HQ. Aston Martin is also considering building its own F1 engine to replace the Renault units currently used by Red Bull Racing.

Whatever Adrian Newey and the guys at Gaydon plan to come up with next, we are sure it will be no less exciting than the Valkyrie.

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