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Aston Martin DB11-AMG V8-1

Aston Martin

Aston Martin to use 6-cylinder Mercedes engines

Aston Martin already uses Mercedes-AMG supplied electronics and engines for its cars. They recently revealed a new DB11 which shares its V8 with the Mercedes-AMG GT. The upcoming Vantage will also receive the same turbo-V8.  Now, in an interview with Drive, Aston’s Vehicle Line Director, Paul Barritt revealed that the company is considering sourcing 6-cylinder engines from Mercedes to meet stricter fuel emissions for its cars.

“We will just keep a watching brief and see what fits in with our plans. You can see the direction of travel within the industry and we’d be foolish not to be looking at the sixes, and we’re still looking at eights and twelves.” Barritt said.

While it may sound like a blasphemy, the company that is famous for its big-brawny V12 and V8 grand-tourers has built its foundations on sports cars powered by in-line 6-cylinder engines such as the iconic DB4 and DB5. It wasn’t until the Vantage arrived in 1970 that it introduced its first V8-powered car.

It is not clear as to which model from the Aston Martin range will get the smaller capacity engine. That said, the company might also use the engine with hybridization of some sort. But, don’t be sad just yet. Paul Barritt reaffirmed: “(But) I don’t think it matters whether it is an in-line or a vee, it is more whether the fundamentals of that engine give us, as Aston Martin, what we feel we need for our customers. I don’t think we’re bothered by the configuration, as we’re looking at all options.”

These sure are changing times for car enthusiasts all around the world but it is also a struggle for brands to meet the stricter emission requirements and keep the emotions alive at the same time. For us, if the car sounds like a V8 and goes like a V8, we have no issues with whats inside the car.

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