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An Outer Shell That Lasts: 3 Types of Truck Bed Protection Solutions You Can Choose From

You love your pick-up truck and want to keep it in top-notch shape, and one way to do that it to protect the truck bed. Your truck can take a beating from the tasks that it’s used for, as well as from weather conditions. The outcome can be scratches, dents and, rust appearing on your truck, that can reduce the trade-in value if you ever decide to get a new vehicle. You can protect your truck bed using different solutions that can preserve your truck’s longevity. Let’s look at three forms of truck bed protection solutions that you can make a selection from.

Drop-in Bed Liner

This type of bed protection is a popular choice and is typically a single piece in design. Drop-in bed liners are created from plastic and are molded to fit firmly on the inside of the truck’s bed. They are fitted either over the bed rails or under the bed rails (if a shell is used) by drilling holes and fastening the bed liner with bolts. Drop-in bed liners can have reinforced corners and sides and will protect your truck bed from dents and scratches, and other damage from the loads carried. One downside is that the plastic surface tends to be slippery and may result in the movement of your cargo to a certain degree. A drop in liner will ultimately rub bare spots in the truck’s bed finish, and it is likely that moisture will accumulate and get trapped between the liner and the bed, which can lead to rusting. They are cost effective, practical and can enhance the appearance of your truck.

Spray-in Bed Liner

Spray-in bed liners are similar to a thick coat of paint, but with the advantage of not losing the cargo space (a few inches) that a drop-in liner consumes. The surface of a spray-in bed liner is usually more textured, allowing the load to sit in position and not slide or shift around when the vehicle is moving. The entire bed of your truck can be covered with the spray-in bed liner, along with the sides and tailgate. Spray-in bed liners have the added benefit of being resistant to chemical damage, fluid spills and heat. These liners are a permanent solution when it comes to truck bed protection, and are perhaps the priciest option, requiring professional installation that could take up to six hours to complete. Durabak Bed Liner may be just what you need for your truck bed protection problem.

Bed Rugs

Truck bed rugs are another solution that you can choose from. Bed rugs are produced from polypropylene, a type of versatile thermoplastic polymer, and covered with polyester fiber. The rug can simply be laid flat on the bottom of the truck’s bed, or if you prefer a custom fitting, where the rug is stretched up the sides and onto the tailgate, that would likely cost more, but can be done and still be more affordable than spray-in liners. No drilling is necessary and bed rugs won’t scratch the finish of your truck, and is molded on tightly, preventing moisture from getting trapped underneath. While bed rugs can be power washed to clean messes like dirt and wood chips, they might not be as durable as the other two types of truck bed protection solutions.

You can protect the bed of your truck with the right type of solution. There are cost-effective truck bed liners that can provide the quality protection you need and enhance the appeal of your truck. Make your truck last longer with any of the three truck bed protection solutions highlighted.

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