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Alpina B5 Edition 50


Alpina B5, B6 Edition 50 launched

Alpina B5 and B6 Edition 50 -1

Alpina and BMW have a long history together. The German tuning company has been working on BMW cars for the last 50 years and to celebrate this relationship with one of the best German automotive brands, they’ve come up with ‘Edition 50’ models of the Alpina B5 and B6.

Historically, Alpina cars have been built in limited numbers. The tradition continues even today. These are more exclusive and slightly modified machines that further build on to BMW’s own philosophy of the “ultimate driving machine”. The new Alpina B5 and B6 use the same 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbo engine found on their corresponding M cars. With 592 hp on tap, this engine can also be found in the M5 30 Jahre Edition.

But, it is not just an M engine with some Aplina detailing. Alpina have used lightweight alloy wheels and a 17 kg lighter exhaust system. Despite its enormous engine, Alpina claim a combined fuel economy of 29.7 mpg. Also, this being an Alpina, the 155 mph electronic speed limited has been thrown into the bin, so now the top speed is 204 mph!

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